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Volissos on Chios, Greece


Volissos is located appr. 40 kilometres north from chios-city. Volisos is one of the oldest villages in the north-western region of the island and is the capital city of this district. In Volissos remains of castles from both the Byzantine period and Genoese period can be found. They were built here because of its location at the hill site and yet close to the sea it was the perfect place to watch over the Aegean sea. And protect the island for possible invaders. These castles can still be visited and are constructed in the typical Byzantine style.


Castle at volissos, chios


In the historic times it is said that homer was a school teacher at volissos. The heydays of volisos started after the middle ages. When many high rank military officers chose to life in this city. In this time the area was filled with vineyards and produced some of the best wine of the island.



Today the city has changed little from the old days. With its two main churches and castles it is very worthwhile visiting. Special days are the 6th (feast of our saviour) and 15th (feast of virgin mary) of august when the churches honour their saint.


Volissos Volissos Volissos