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Konstantinos Kanaris


Konstantinos Kanaris (1790-1877) was born on Psara an small island close to Chios. He made his fame in the Greek war of independence. The island of Chios joined the Greek war of independence on 10 April 1821. Konstantinos Kanaris was in the city of Odessa at this time, and the war on his island must have surprised him as he returned to his island in haste.


statue at the central park of Chios


The revolution enraged the sultan and ordered his admiral K.Pasha to punish the people of Chios. This led to the "massacre of Chios" which enraged the civil world. The Turkish fleet after having destroyed the island of Chios was still anchored in the port of Chios. Celebrations for a Muslim holiday were on this same day. The Turkish commander and sailors had stayed on their ships to celebrate.



In the night of 6 on7th of June 1822 Kostantinos Kanaris led his own fleet of ships together with other famous seamen of Psara. They were known for their successful sea battles against pirates. Their well-equipped ships, proofed to be effective with full naval war too!



When they reached the Turkish flagship in the harbor of Chios Konstantinos Kanaris set fire to it. When the flagships' powder room was caught by the fire, all men aboard were killed in the explosion that followed. The flagship was destroyed and the Turkish admiral K. Pasha was killed in the series of explosions that accompanied it. This brave act made Kanaris the hero of the Greek resistance, until today he is honored for this act.


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