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Chios and the Aegean Sea


The Aegean Sea has been named after Aegea. Aegae was a city of evvoia which was ruled by Aegeus. Aegeus drowned himself in the "Aegean" sea when he thought his son was killed by the Minotaur. A second origin of the name could come from Aegea, a Queen of the Amazon who also drowned in the "Aegean" Sea. The name of the Sea in ancient times was Archipelago (Gr. Aigaion Pelagos). Nowadays the name applies to the islands or island group located in the Aegean Sea.


North eastern part of the aegean sea


The Aegean Sea is 640 km long from the main land of Greece in the north until Crete and Rhodes in the south. The Aegean is 320 km wide from Athens until de Turkish coast. The greatest depth is more than 3.540 and is located near the east part of Crete.


Aegean sea civilizations on Chios


In the Bronze age a people now called as the Aegean Civilization lived on Chios. The Aegean civilization is a term for the Bronze Age cultures of pre-Hellenic Greece. This Aegean civilization is now believed to been an advanced culture. Archaeological findings in the late 19th century proof this. Discoveries made in northern Chios show that humans lived on the island during this period. The Pelasgians also a culture of the pre-Hellenic Greece colonized later Chios. Archaeological findings on Chios of the period include a wall near the village of "ekso Didyma" and the village of Kourounia.



Levkonion an ancient city and A rival city of the famous city of Troy was mentioned by the historian Thucydides. The city of Levkinion is believed to be located at near the village of Emborio in the south of Chios. Archaeologists have discovered settlements dating from 3000 B.C


War in the Aegean Sea


Chios was part of the Delian League, an alliance of Greek city-states with leadership of Athens. Chios donated ships to Delian League in order to fight several wars in the Aegean Sea. The name Delian League is used in to separate periods of the alliance. The first period 478-404 BC the purpose of the alliance was for the greek-city states to organise the war against the Persians. The Delian League grew in this period into a Athenian empire, which made the unity instable and many lost many of it alliances, Chios rebelled against Athens several times during this period. With the outbreak of the Peloponnesian war the League came to an end. In 378 BC a second Athenian alliance was formed. In 376 BC Athens won a sea battle from Sparta in the Aegean Sea the battle took place close to the island Naxos. The Athenians and Spartans signed a treaty that gave Athens rule over the Aegean Sea and Sparta rule over the mainland of Greece.


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